Founded in 1904, Radium is the oldest German lamp manufacturer that has been developing and building lamps in Wipperfürth for markets all over the World.

It all started with the manufacturing of carbon fiber lamps. Nowadays, Radium produces lamps on highly industrialized production lines and offers a whole delivery program of modern light solutions placing it as one of the most experienced brand-name manufacturer of the lamp industry worldwide.

Staying true to its reputation, Radium offers you the “German Qualität”.

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Products range: Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps, LED lamps and special applications lamps (signal, studio, navigation, etc…)

Headquartered in Austria, Tridonic is devoted in the development of new LED & connected lighting solutions to market.

Tridonic’s commitment is to accelerate the development & deployment of new, smart, & connected lighting applications. Leading luminaire manufacturers, architects, designers, and electrical installers rely on Tridonic.

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Product range: LED drivers, LED light engines, lighting control gear for fluorescent and HID lamps, low-voltage transformers, lighting emergency units.

With the upcoming LED revolution, Creo Light has been focusing on producing premium LED products for commercial, retail & residential applications.

The brand’s aim is to deliver reliable, innovative, sustainable and energy efficient solutions through its comprehensive LED products’ portfolio. These products surpasses all brightness, color, dispersion, lifespan and safety benchmarks. Furthermore, they offer light with high color rendering index complying with international standards.

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Products range: Retrofit LED lamps, LED flexible strips, lighting controllers and dimmers, indoor and outdoor LED based fittings. 

With the coming of the LED revolution, the Polish company Klus became one of the top innovative, design & manufacturing companies in the industry. 

Klus’ extrusions provide new possibilities for caring out lighting effects that weren’t obtainable before. They have been an inspirations for designers for their indoor and outdoor applications. These extrusions can be integrated into different materials such as wood, gypsum board, tiles, or simply suspended.

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Products range: LED linear profiles for indoor use, LED profile accessories, LED lighting fixtures, LED kitchen lighting, IP rated LED profiles.

RZB Lighting started out as a manufacturer of electrical consumer goods more than seven decades ago. The company, based in Bamberg – Germany, has evolved into one of the most influential enterprises in the international lighting industry.

Every manufacturing process is meticulously quality-controlled, continuously optimized and, where necessary, revamped. This is what we call the RZB Quality.

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Products range: Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting, emergency lighting, lightmanagementsystem light control +3, customized lighting solutions.

Owning a smart home has never been easier. Thomas Alva Edison – inventor of the Digitalstrom – created a new system for the home automation.

As of today, you can convert your house into a smart home using your existing electrical wire.

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Products range: home automation system and components.

IBV, based in Hungary, started its production in 1991 as a part of the German IBV Holding. Its core business is the manufacturing of IP protected lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes. Due to its continuous dynamic development, it is one of the leading industrial lighting fixture manufacturers in Europe.

Currently IBV is recognized as a competent specialist offering the highest quality in the field of industrial dust and waterproof luminaires and plastic processing as well.

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Products range:Fluorescent battens, fluorescent waterproof fittings.

Specialized in the production of electrical components for the lighting industry, the Italian company A.A.G. Stucchi designs and manufactures its products within the company’s facilities.

A.A.G. Stucchi offers a wide range of products consisting of lamp holders, as well as starter holder, terminal blocks for luminaires & LED components. The company has launched lately the “ONETRACK” tracks.

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Products range: Lamp holders, starter holders, terminal blocks, Zhaga compliant LED accessories, Tracks.

Cariboni group is a leader in the public illumination and functional urban design field.

The presence of Cariboni Group in the lighting market enabled the group to develop competence and know-how, which brought it to a leader position.

The wide range of products designed for residential, architectural or functional lighting, offers a large choice to any professional designer who uses light to give life and a special shape to any space.

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Products range: Projectors, floodlights, street lights, high bays, and a wide range of exterior lighting fittings.

By cooperating closely with artists and designers, Feno always aims to find the right solution for each project – one that meets the needs of the customer right down to the finest detail.

Located in Oberhaching (near Munich, Germany), Feno GmbH is specialized in the design and production of custom-made lighting controls and LED modules/engines.

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Products range: Lighting controllers (DMX, DALI, DSI, 1-10v), LED dimmers, LED lighting modules, custom made lighting solutions.