Radium enjoys a reputation globally as one of the most experienced brand name manufacturers of the lamp industry exporting lamps to some 60 different countries. 

Located in Germany the company is recognized as one of the most important for its know-how, innovation and quality. For over 100 years, Radium’s success has been based on producing a quality product and to that end there is continual monitoring of processes in workflow and machine design, production and manufacturing.

Radium's factory is situated about 40kms north-east of Cologne in the ‘Bergisches Land’ where the production of lamps with high quality tungsten wires started and has continued with innovative products being produced ever since.

For more details, visit www.radium.de

Products range: Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps, LED lamps and special application lamps (studio, navigation, signal, etc...) 

Tridonic, headquartered in Dornbirn/Austria, develops, manufactures and markets equipment for a wide range of light sources, lighting management systems, LED and OLED solutions and connectors.

Through its active partnership, outstanding service competence and technical expertise Tridonic enables its customers to implement lighting solutions of superior functionality and economy.

The history of Tridonic stretches back more than 50 years and is a success story with many highs. Today, true to its slogan “enlightening your ideas”, Tridonic is synonymous with outstanding products and services related to the fascinating subject of light.

For more details, visit www.tridonic.com

Products range: LED drivers, LED light engines, lighting control gear for fluorescent and HID lamps, low-voltage transformers, lighting emergency units.

Creo Light is focused on producing premium LED products for commercial, retail and residential applications.

The brand's aim is to deliver reliable, innovative, sustainable and energy efficient solutions through its comprehensive LED products portfolio.

Creo Light products surpass all brightness, colour, dispersion, lifespan and safety benchmarks and offers light with high color rendering index complying with international standards.

For more details, visit www.creolight.com

Products range: Retrofit LED lamps, LED flexible strips, Lighting controllers and dimmers, Indoor and outdoor LED based fittings.

IBV core business is the manufacturing of IP protected lighting fixtures for fluorescent tubes. Due to its continuous dynamic development, it is one of the leading industrial lighting fixture manufacturers in Europe. 

Currently IBV is recognized as a competent specialist offering the highest quality in the field of industrial dust- and waterproof luminaires and plastic processing as well.

IBV is based in Hungary, started its production in 1991 as a part of the German IBV Holding.

For more details, visit www.ibv.hu

Products range: Fluorescent battens, fluorescent waterproof fittings. 

KLUS Company is a pioneer in LED profiles system. Thanks to continuous efforts to design, develop and manufacture innovative lighting solutions, products from KLUS fit seamlessly into any design.

LED profiles are designed to be integrated into applications such as: interior design, architecture, furniture, scenography, advertisement, industrial design, exhibits (shop displays, museum exhibits etc.). Also, new outdoor products can be used in parking lots, driveways, gardens and any other landscape design.

KLUS is located in Piaseczno, Poland.

For more details, visit www.klusdesign.com

Products range: LED linear profiles for indoor use, LED profile accessories, LED lighting fixtures, LED kitchen lighting, IP rated LED profiles.

A.A.G. Stucchi is a specialist in the production of electrical components for the lighting industry. Products are designed and manufactured within the company's facilities in Italy.

A.A.G. Stucchi's range of products consist of lamp holders for fluorescent, HID and incandescent lamps, as well starter holders, terminal blocks for luminaires and LED components.

For more details, visit www.aagstucchi.it

Products range: Lamp holders, starter holders, terminal blocks, Zhaga compliant LED accessories.

Cariboni group is a leader in the public illumination and functional urban design field.

The presence of Cariboni Group in the lighting market enabled the group to develop competence and know-how, which brought it to a leader position. 

The wide range of products designed for residential, architectural or functional lighting, offers a large choice to any professional designer who uses light to give life and a special shape to any space.

For more details, visit www.caribonigroup.com

Products range: Projectors, floodlights, street lights, high bays, and a wide range of exterior lighting fittings.

By cooperating closely with artists and designers, feno always aim to find the right solution for each project - one that meets the needs of the customer right down to the finest detail.

Feno is specialized in the design and production of custom-made lighting controls and LED modules/engines. 

Feno GmbH is located in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany.

For more details, visit www.feno.com

Products range: Lighting controllers (DMX, DALI, DSI, 1-10v), LED dimmers, LED lighting modules, custom made lighting solutions.